Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tuesday Market

After swimming lessons, we stopped by the Tuesday Farmers Market, just to check it out. The boys were excited to find there was free cotton candy and face painting! Grace was glad there was no stroller in the van, so she got to wear her hippo backpack :)

One woman stopped me to say what a great idea she thought they were to help keep preschoolers safe, and another said I didn't value my children. Ahem. He was darned lucky the big two were with me, or I would have said more than the stupefying "Oh, bless your heart." They'd tell everyone about my verbal take-down, so best to do it with as few words as possible. Bayley's learning to use Shakespearean curses, which are far more endearing than anything I'd come up with when provoked.

The boys spied their new favorite food - elephant ears! Hayden asked the guy..."I have a question for you. Is an elephant ear just fried pizza dough with sugar on it?" The guy shrugged, nodded, and took my $4.

At the farmers market we snagged some of my favorite peaches - Jeff is betting three pounds of peach won't see noon tomorrow in this house. No matter, there is a Wednesday farmers market too :D


Hyppster's Board said...

What?? Someone actually said that to you?? I would've went Jersey on their ass!!!

Jenna Bayley-Burke said...

I would have gone Jenna on his ass if the boys weren't staring at me. Though, I think he wanted a fight, so the Bless Your Heart totally stumped his cranky butt!

Bayley said...

Bless your heart? Good response. Pop is slowly distancing himself from our personalities.

I have friends with those packs. Seem like a responsible item now that I am a parent. Young children can be all over the place.