Friday, February 28, 2014

Goodnight Moon

I've been trying to get the kids to as many plays this year as possible. Lucky for me, the kindergarteners had a field trip scheduled to catch Goodnight Moon.

To keep the bus numbers down, Naoko & I were able to drive
ourselves. Score! We were able to get to the theater a bit before the bus, so were about to greet the kids as we all filed in. The show was adorable. As you'd think Goodnight Moon should be.

When the rest of the kiddos headed back to school, we stayed downtown to celebrate Naoko's birthday. She's lived in Portland forever, and yet has never been to Papa Haydn! Can you imagine? I was all about the dessert, as were the girls. I think they enjoyed the pastry counter even more than their own lunch!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Cross Over

It's Hayden's turn to cross over from cub scouts to boy scouts. It seems like he was just a Tiger cub. But alas, he's done with cub scouts. He earned the highest honors in the program - the Arrow of Light and Heavy Shoulder.

Arrow of Light is for those who did more than the minimum to cross over, and heavy shoulder means they earned every pin possible. Hayden was determined to get heavy shoulder because Bayley didn't. The competition among brothers...

The cross over ceremony is called the Blue & Gold dinner. The pack provided pizza & cake for the boys, which made everything go much smoother than when the individual troops did their own thing.

Bayley and his troop were there to welcome Hayden (and five other boys from his den) to the troop. It reminded me of when Bayley and his den crossed over, practically doubling the size of the troop! I think the troop enjoyed bringing Hayden aboard in an official capacity, he'd been the little brother for too long.


Saturday, February 15, 2014

Orange to Green

Taekwondo belt testing for Bayley. I love that he's stuck with this. He's been so understanding about when we just can't make the lessons work. I've decided to try my best to make the other activities work around TKD for a while so Bayley can meet his goal of getting a black belt.

Monday, February 10, 2014


I love it when it snows here at home. The kids can go out an play for a while, then come in an warm up and go back out again. When we go to the snow, it always feels like we drove more than we played.

The snow started on Thursday, prompting the school district to send kids home early. Grace had a playdate since Hayden and I were on a field trip, so Bayley came home and joined a snowball fight. Thank goodness one of the neighborhood moms knew where he was, because I was stuck on a school bus freaking out that he never made it home.

Because snow is so rare, we didn't really trust that it would last. As soon as we made it home, all the kids were out in the white stuff. The dogs were truly unsure what to make of the stuff on that first day.

By the second day, there was nine inches on the ground. I was so glad our kitchen was stocked and we could just sit back and enjoy. And make snow ice cream. Because I saw it on Pinterest.

The third day was Kaitlyn's birthday. Her party was cancelled because no one was going anywhere, but we had more fun sledding on the street than we will when we go roller skating. Of this I am sure.

The neighborhood kids spent a lot of time together. There were snow hikes and snowball fights, dragging siblings on sleds, building sled ramps off the tailgates of pick up trucks. We even attempted a snow fort, but the boys quickly lost interest in the actual building part.

Parents were out enjoying the snow too. Jeff wanted to join in the snowball fights, but I don't think the boys found him cool enough. Luckily, Tom & the girls were passing by and could get in on the action.

By the fourth day, things we starting to melt, but they kept the kids out of school for a few more days while things got cleaned up. By then, the kids were looking to expand their snow play and a massive neighborhood snowball fight was called. That half-built snow fort actually came in handy.

Friday, February 07, 2014

Field Trip :: OMSI

OMSI is always one of my favorite field trips. There is so much for the kids to do, they keep busy the entire time. The big challenge is keeping the kiddos together. I had a friend bunch this time, so the hardest part was getting them to be still enough for a picture.

We started with an astronomy show at the planetarium. I wonder how many times it will take for me to see the Night Sky show before I can spot a constellation...

The Tony Hawk skateboarding exhibit and the Physics lab were the highlights this trip. We spent ages with the static ball, making hair stand on end and aluminum pie tins fly across the room. The extreme sports exhibit had them trying out a trampoline, anchored skate boards and video games. Yep. Video games.

We cut the trip short because snow had started to fall. We loaded the kids onto buses and hoped to make it back to school ahead of the traffic. No dice. Two hours of crawling through traffic later, we made it home. Talk about a trip to remember!

Saturday, February 01, 2014

Monkey King

What better way to celebrate Chinese New Year than with a puppet theater performance of Monkey King. We hadn't been to Tear of Joy since they moved from downtown. I never know where I am once I cross the river. We found it easy enough, and the parking is free. That's always a perk in Portland.

They had puppet making in the lobby before the show, but Bayley and Hayden decided they were a little too old for that. One of the staff noticed them and came over to talk to them about the history of puppets in China. Who knew Communism dictated the puppets be larger so more people could see them? I really appreciated that.

The performance was very artistic, great for the boys but it didn't really hold Grace's attention. She was good though, just cuddled on my lap.

Since we were already over the river, I decided to try something fun for lunch -- food carts! We've seen them on TV, but Jeff's not into getting his food from a truck. But he was home, so we found one we'd been wanting to try - The Grilled Cheese Grill!

They make their fun grilled cheese sandwiches in an Airstream, but there is a double decker bus that you can sit in to eat. The boys went upstairs, where neither of them could stand up, and Grace stayed on the lower deck. We really enjoyed the novelty of it.

Grace had the Elvis -- grilled bananas, peanut butter and bacon. Hayden had the Cheesus -- a burger with grilled cheese sandwiches instead of a bun. Bayley made his own concoction -- All-American Double Decker with Bacon. Did I mention Hayden put bacon on his Cheesus? My kids love them some bacon!