Thursday, October 21, 2010

Roller Skating

I remember roller skating as a kid, being thrilled when someone had their birthday party at the rink. Bayley was invited to a birthday party there, but he's only been to one school skate-night, so he & I took an afternoon (thank you Miss Tina!) and familiarized him with skating.

The local rink looks much like the one in my hometown...but I don't think they've updated a thing since I was a kid. The carpeted walls were patched with duct tape, the rink floor was worn to the wood in spots...but after I got over my ick factor, we had a good time.

I'm glad we did our warm-up, because Bayley was much more confident when it came to the birthday party. The boys had a fantastic time, some of them whipping around the floor, some inching along the side, others opting for air hockey on the sidelines. They enjoyed the hot dogs and cupcakes, and mostly having the place almost to themselves!

I wish the place had been kept up better. Skating is a fantastic rainy day activity, and with all the rain here... But as it is, I felt the need to shower when I got home and didn't even make to to the van before I Purelled my kid to the elbows.

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