Saturday, August 14, 2010

Pianos and dresses

So this is the dress that I love that I want grace to wear for portraits. I can't even get her to pose in it when we're in the house! But it is so pretty on her.

We've been thinking about getting a piano ever since we decided not to put a dining table in our carpeted 'dining room'. We researched for months - do we want a traditional piano or a digital, new or used...we decided we wanted a digital with a furniture stand...but Jeff was not going to pay the price...about 4K!
So we waited, and looked. Then, Costco got one in. The piano is much better than the one he'd balked at buying, the stand not so great. But I told him I wanted it and he went to Costco and bought it!
I was so surprised! Now my piano room has a piano. Now I just need to measure it and get some storage ottomans. It came with a lame one-butt piano stool, but I need room for at least two butts. Hayden & Grace like to play together!

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Hyppster's Board said...

They look so cute sitting there together with their 'two' butts!!