Friday, September 17, 2010

ABRA - cadabra!

Abra's 5th birthday party was a big hit! Everyone trekked over to her house for a backyard hot dog bash! There were more hot dogs than the kids could eat - and Hayden made a valiant attempt at 3.

Miss Paula made foam weiners and let the kids decorate them with condiments, then they got to play stick the weiner in the bun. I have never risen above adolescent humor, so I couldn't stop giggling. The pinata was a giant hot dog, so when Hayden knocked the tip off it I said he must have decided the weiner needed to be circumcised! I could not help myself. Thank goodness she stopped herself before she made a weiner cake! (No kids heard my bawdy asides)

Grace was very interested in Abra's pond...she went fishing in it...and later dunked the sucker she scored from the pinata in the water. GROSS! She was the messiest princess ever.

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