Monday, April 17, 2006

It's all in how you think about it!

Tonight, we celebrated H. We hiked around our habitat, studying the horticulture by viewing hostas, hyacinths, and hedges. In other words, we took a walk.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Catch A Fish

Bayley caught his first fish! He's been asking to go fishing, and since both J & I are clueless in the angling arena, we had to wait for a program to teach kids to fish. The Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife has an amazing program where they give kids a rod & reel, and show them how to fish in a stocked pond. They show them how to bait the hook and then clean what they caught. All for $5.

Friday, April 14, 2006

The Fun Mom

What a day. Bayley had preschool, so Hayd and I spent out morning at Target snagging treats for the egg hunt and things for the bridal shower I'm doing ina few weeks, and good stuff for their Easter baskets. I'm really glad we don't do the whole bunny brings the basket thing. Hayd had the best time picking out stuff. Then we went home and spent the rest of the morning trying to work his half-abet into the full alphabet. Which is really too funny. Seriously, sit down with him and talk letters. The kid is a riot!

We snagged Bayley from school and were gifted with some McDonald's coupons. Now, I am not usually a McDonald's kind of Mom. But, they were so cute, and I needed to run to Costco, and I am a sucker for I promised Happy Meals for H week if they were good at Costco. Were they good? GOLDEN. I mean, clone these two because they are perfect. And who was at Costco? The Easter Bunny.

Well, a man in a bunny suit, explained Bayley. OK. They snapped a few pics on a digital camera and for a donation to Dornbecher's we had pics of the boys and the man in a bunny suit. Hayden loved the Easter Bunny. Hugs and smooches. I mean, he is fabulous.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

H is for habitat

It rained. So no zoo. But the science museum set up a new exhibit on animal homes...habitat's. I can find an H anywhere. Bayley was enthralled with the watershed exhibit, Hayden...the reptiles. The gecko was away from his Hayd asked "With the snake at the zoo?" The huge boa moved from the science museum to the zoo recently for a bigger cage. So I lied to my kid. Yep, the gecko went for a visit.

After our habitat excursion we were back in the little kids playroom and Bayley loved the new construction zone. Hayden flits from station to station every few minutes, but Bay easily spent half his time building and tearing down.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Happy Hayden

We've begun our fortnight in the land of H - otherwise known as Hayden-time. I must say, grocery shopping with the boys is more fun when they have a mission...finding things that begin with the letter we're on. Honey and honeydew melon were fine...but then they started finding H on brand names. For chocolate. You know...

I wonder if this alphabet year isn't paying off in more ways than I think. Hayden can now sing his alphabet. Sure, he slurs together some letter groups...but what two year old doesn't? And when I asked what they wanted to do tomorrow with Grandma Bobbie, he said "Go zoo, see hippos. H. They have blue eyes?" So unless it rains, we'll be trying to check hippo eye color.

H is for hockey - for Dad at least

Jeff got to go to a hockey game, but since he missed seeing Bay before work, the boys and I met him for dinner on his way to the game. Where did we go? Where we always go. Sweet Tomatoes. Bayley was amazing. He sat still, ate his food, used his manners. Awesome kid, that one. Hayd was great too. He only ran away once, a huge improvement for him, and ate four pieces of pizza. But, since Dad left before we were done, and the boys and I did fine alone, they now think I shoudl take them there every day for lunch. I had been saying one mom can't take two boys to a restaurant. But smart little whips that they are, they realized I can.