Monday, August 23, 2010

Crater Lake : Day 1

After leaving Rogue the night before for his turn at Camp Grandma, we headed south bright and early. We weren't even in Salem before we realized we'd forgotten 2 key ingredients to our happiness on this trip -- Mom's Nook & Hayden's blankie. Guess who was more upset?

I had to hide my frustration with having to go days with nothing to read.

We gave in and got a dual screen car DVD for the kids, which made the trip quite easy. The only issue was when we stopped, the DVD would reset. Much chaos and threats to toss the system ensued.

Once we made it to Crater Lake (without too much motion sickness) we were all impressed.


That's blue!

That's it?!

Isn't that amazing?

What time can we check in at the lodge?

I'll let you guess who said what.

The ranger station at Rim Village had a scavanger hunt (question & answer type) the boys did to earn a patch, and it got them to pay attention as we toured the lookout station and learn the history and facts of Crater Lake.

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