Monday, August 30, 2010

Camp Hot Tub :: Day 4

Hayden :: Today we went to Nanny McPhee. It was awesome. I liked when they captured the piglet. Then we went home and had pizza. Then we played a new ping pong game, and then we played Wario Shake It. We should really get that game. Bayley & I could beat that game in two days. It's really good.

Bayley :: My day was awesome. We watched Nanny McPhee Returns, played DS and played Wii. Really fun! The movie had funny things in it, especially right at the start. Cousins were coming to visit kids at a farm and the whole ground was covered with poo. They called everyone Mr. Poo and Mrs. Poo. Tomorrow we go to a train museum. I'm walking in circles so I get dizzy.

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