Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Camp Hot Tub :: Day 5

Hayden :: Our day was really good, know why? We played lots of Wario on the Wii and we unlocked a new level and we only have one mroe level to beat the game. If you buy it for us, we can do the courses over and over again. That's the fun part. There is a sky course with jet packs. I love that course. Basically, that's all we did. We played Ultimate Pinball and then we went to Grandma Evie's. We wanted to bring home this bear and giant dog, but Pop Pop wouldn't let us. Pop Pop had bad behavior. We came home and Pop Pop went straight to his room and didn't have any dinner. Then we apologized to him for not putting the stuffed animals back when he said and then he had dinner. He said I was a big boy, even bigger than Bayley.

Bayley :: Gram-Mo got really into the slot machines on Pokemon Diamond on my DS. We got these giant milkshakes with Grandma Evie. They were huge! I got chocolate. Then we went to Grandma Evie's house. There were these big stuffed animals. We might get them in the mail, because they are like huge. They really could fit in the car, but Pop Pop didn't think so. For a while he was mad at us, but then he went to bed and then he wasn't. Hayden scratched his leg, but he has no idea of how he did it. Do we get Big Brother on our TV? Can we watch it? They are in the final 5.

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