Monday, September 25, 2006

Children's Museum

We trekked to the Children's Museum, towing along Eddie & Auntie Kim, along with one of my writing friends and her two kidlets. It is darned difficult to keep track of two kids in a place like that, even with extra eyes and hands!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Ahoy Matey!

AARRR! Aquifer Adventure

The boys spent the afternoon cavorting with pirates and searching for hidden treasure while learning about groundwater and how to protect it. Games, free T-shirs and free canoe rides led by real pirates.

the boys had the BEST time. They loved the treasure hunt -- looking for items like birdsnests and herons. Bay needs things to feed his brain, and learning how ground water trickles down really got him thinking.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Shining Star

Bayley is the Shining Star of his kindergarten class - kind of like person of the week. We get to make a poster all about Bayley to hang up in class, and he gets to take care of the class bear all weekend. So far that bear has been costume shopping (a bust), shoe shopping (Nike had 1 pair of shoes with zippers. He's better learn to tie shoes soon.), and out for Daddy's birthday dinner at Red Robin. Get this - I got a pix of the bear, Bayley, and Red Robin. He was walking about, giving the kids a thrill. Poor Red Robin didn't count on Hayden stalking him the rest of the night. Ah, well.

On the costume front..he wants this:
but just like Costco, Old Navy is letting me down on costumes this year. Where are they, people! They don't even have it online in his size!

I'd go to the party stores, but the costumes there are always so thin and flimsy. It's COLD here for trick-or-treating. I need warm costumes! Plus, they are SO expensive, and usually come with guns or swords. Really, is that necesary?Tomorrow I'll have to try to talk him into:

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Hayden's a Busy Bee!

Holy Smokes! Hayden is in preschool!

He wasn't all together sure he wanted to go to preschool this morning, though he's been asking to go all summer, and ends each night with "I go to preschool in the morning?"

After changing his clothes twice (he had to be sure he could get the shorts up and down by himself) he decided he'd try it. I promised to stay, but once he had his Busy Bee name necklace on, he wanted to play, and I was just in the way.

He was so happy when I picked him up. He told me all about playing in the 'big room', snacks, music, coloring, and story time. They pack a lot into those two hours!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Weekend Warriors

It's good to be a Burke Brother. This weekend is proof!

Saturday began with a Lowe's Build-It workshop, where they both built birdhouses. Then came a playdate for Bayley with his best friend. And to top it all off, a Duck game. It doesn't get better!

Or maybe it does! Sunday brought a trip to the zoo for the Dino Dig.

Then came their first ever trip to the circus!

Shrine Circus Gatti isn't posh, but it is great for kids, especially those that find sitting still a challenge. I thought for sure they'd be all about the elephants, but they both thought the clown was the best part!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Bayley's 1st Day of School

"You can go now."

Bayley was more than ready to handle kindergarten on his own for his first day, but the teacher had a list of things for the kids to do - write their name, find their cubby, cut out a circle, hang up their backpack. Bayley said he could do it himself.

"Yes, honey. But you can't read the list."

Grudgingly, he let me stay a few more minutes. But once the first kid sat on the story mat, he evicted me from the room.

At least we know he's ready.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Hayden's Dragon Story

My story is a dragon. He eat me almost.

A green dragon caught Bay! He caught my Dad. He caught my mom too! Maybe he had Bay and Hayden.

Dragon ate Gramma Bobbie's soda. He eated brown soda and green soda. And blue soda.

He eat a lot of people. He eat Eddie and Auntie Kim. He ate meat out of my belly button, and out of my elbow.

That dragon ate the park almost. He eat a bicycle and a big big firetruck. One hungry dragon and two hungry dragons. Red and green and blue. One green, one blue, one red, one brown, one yellow. 5 dragons. I left them all at Gramma Bobbie's.

He eats broccoli and carrots and marshmallows. The blue one does. And the grren one too. Green one is a healthy dragon.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

The camping trip that wasn't

We planned on camping this holiday weekend...a big R fest : Enjoy some Rustic Rural Recreation. Near a River. Bring our Raft. And fish with a Rod and Reel. Rogue the dog was coming too. Uncle Russell and Jeff would be burning Rubber, Racing to get there, and neither has a Radar detector, so things could get dicey. I've hidden the Rope so no one is tempted to Rappel down any Rocks. I'm hoping it doesn't Rain, because as nice as a Rainbow would be, it would Ruin by trip.

And then...Bayley spent his weekend at Grandma & Grandpa's collecting kindling for a campfire. Where we had a campsite Reserved there was a burn ban. Jeff thought he had a plan to find a site...but after driving around for hours on Friday night...we ended up camping in the backyard. Jeff tried to make it real...he borrowed the outdoor fireplace from a neighbor and we Roasted marshmallows for s'mores. But in the end...Bay decided "I think I would be more comfortable in my own bed."

I had such high hopes for the weekend, that I'm a bit crushed by the let down.