Thursday, July 01, 2010

Birthday Parties

This year the boys wanted to have separate parties (fine) with only boys (OK). The school doesn't allow kids to pass out invites, so we could only invite friends whose addresses we had (Sorry, Kellan). And they could only invite the same number of kids as their age. Sounds like a great plan, right?

Well, the kids school has a strict policy about not passing out invites, so we had to ferret out addresses and mail them. It worked out fine for the 3rd grade set. They're remarkably capable of writing down their address and knowing when they'll be on vacation. As one boy declined, we could invite another.

1st graders are a fickle bunch. Birthday party invites hinge on perfect lunchtable seating arrangements. And a 1st grader's address if barely distinguishable from his phone number. So...Hayden had two boys show up, and they both live within walking distance so we'd hand delivered those invites. He seemed to be having a great time at his party, but when he saw how many boys showed up for Bayley (and how many presents Bayley got) he was quite bummed. So he had to have a second party that included (gasp) girls and (shriek) little kids. But he did get the chorus of Happy Birthday he'd wanted, and some rockin' gifts!

Hayden's first party had a Pokemon theme. The boys also decorated their own cupcakes (very funny) and played a card collecting game with sticky hands. It was a big hit, though they thought it would have been better with Pokemon cards. I agree...those things are just expensive!

Bayley's party had a Star Wars theme. The boys split into teams and built a Lego Star Wars something-or-other. There was a Star Wars game ala pin the tail on the donkey where they boys blasted starships and planets, the sticky hands card game (again, they said itw oul dbe better with Pokemon) and cupcake decorating. The big boys spent a lot more time on theirs, coming up with some very interesting designs.

Hayden's second party was with his preschool and neighborhood friends. He said he had a great time, and from all the laughter I'm hoping they all did!

Grace didn't have a very good time of it today, I'm afraid. She isn't so keen on sharing, so having other kids touch her beloved trike or water table was a bit much for the diva. And then, she walked in front of one of Hayden's friends while she was swinging and got kicked in the head so hard she went head over heels! There is a nasty scrape aside her face, but she's fine. I, however, could really use a drink! It scared me to pieces!!


yafeng said...

nice work

Courtney Bayley said...

Yay! Gracie's wearing her B-Day dress! SO cute on her.