Sunday, August 26, 2012

Puppies First Bath

People are finding it hard to believe Frick & Frack are puppies. It has something to do with them already being over 80 pounds. But their behavior...pure puppy!

After we picked them up from the transport, they needed a bath in the worst way. There had been a half dozen puppies on the transport, so while most of the dogs were potty trained... they all wound up smelling like the puppies. Stink-a-roo!

Jeff and the boys changed into their swim trunks and took the dogs to the front yard. Frack went first, because he was closer when Jeff made a grab for him. He'd been so accustomed to bathing Rogue -who had a get-this-oevr-with-quick temperment about bathtime - he'd forgotten that you have to wash a dog's head last. They'll be as calm as they can until you spray water on their face!

So, though I wasn't dressed for the occasion, I comforted Frack while they scrubbed him down. The Hyppster's had stopped by to visit the pups, so got in on the action. Which included Miss Tina snapping pictures of us when she wasn't laughing.

Frick was much more understanding about it...probably because he'd seen his brother do it and we'd figured out some of the how-to's.

Not sure they're looking forward to doing it again!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Puppy Power!

Our new dogs arrived from Texas in a giant trailer with a shipment of twenty other dogs. Most of them already had homes, thanks to the great rescue work of Great Pyraness Rescue Society and SPIN. Jeff & I were leaving for our anniversary trip the next day, so the plan was for our pups to be fostered for a week until we got back.

The boys were so excited the puppies were here, they really wanted to meet them. So, we headed out for some play time and to thank those who spent the three days transporting the animals. Talk about a labor of love!

While we explained who we were, the boys headed straight for their dogs. Their markings, and the fact that they were together, made them easy to spot. A dog approached each boy, and the rest was history. Hayden & Frack bonded from the first, just like Bayley & Frick.

On the ride up there we talked about other names. Ranger, Baron, Sampson, Foster, Bandit... But as soon as the boys met them they decided to keep the names Frick & Frack. (Uncle Dan is not as impressed by the names, and has dubbed them Friction & Fraction.)

They fit right in with our family...they can't sit still for a family photo attempt either!

And as you can imagine...we couldn't leave them with the foster. She's lovely, but they were just so sweet and started to cry when they were put in a dog run. And we're suckers. Totally. The boys swore up and down that they would take care of them while we were gone...but it wasn't until Pop Pop gave the go-ahead that the decision was made. Frick & Frack came home to stay.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Pool Party

As soon as the boys got back from Camp Iwanna Hot Tub, they jumped in the pool! When the weather nears 100, I set up a pool in the backyard in the morning, figuring that it will be warm after naptime. It worked at the old house, but the trees keep things shady...not that the kids seemed to mind a cold pool!

I told them that if they would leave the water in the pool, it would be warm for tomorrow. But apparently the fun of having a pool is splashing the water out of it, and then drowning the lawn. Who knew?

Is this a contender for awkward family photo or what?

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Puppy Love

Our hearts have been heavy since losing our Rogue, but things are brightening. At the end of the month, we'll be welcoming two dogs into our family. We wanted a pair of dogs, one for each boy. We'd assumed it would be an easy process to rescue two dogs, but the selection in local shelters seemed a bit terrier heavy. We waited, and waited...and even discussed buying dogs from a breeder.

We'd had such a good experience rescuing Rogue, we were really committed to rescuing again. The boys agreed, so we decided to wait for the right animals to come along.

When I saw a pair of Great Pyranees on Petfinder, I thought they were too cute to pass up. Frick & Frack charmed Jeff too, so we investigated the breed and decided to apply for them. They are in Texas now, making their way to us soon.

But the boys have decided they don't like their names, which I think are cute. But Bayley has a point, they're only good names when you say them together. Plus, he was concerned people might think he's cussing when he tells them his dog's name.

We have some options for those who care to weigh in ::

Stryker & Blaze
Fritz & Max
Samson & Bandit
Fennway & Calloway (Fenn & Cal)
Sabre & Parry
Baron & Ranger
Deschutes & Cascade (Shooter & Cade)