Thursday, September 05, 2013

Kinder Soccer

Gracie was so excited to get to play soccer. She's spent so much time seeing Hayden play, that she couldn't wait for her first game. We got there nice and early so I would have a good place to take pictures from.

Hayden even got to try and play soccer in his crocs with his coach, since he has a daughter in kinder soccer too.

And then...the cloud gathered overhead.

The game started.

And then the rain began. No, that's not the right word for it. The sky opened up and poured!

The girls weren't sure what to do. This was their first game ever, and it was cold and wet and the rain did not let up. I had such respect for the coaches, who stayed right there with the girls as they tried to play.

We tried playing with coats on, their shirts over the coats. At first they had fun with it, but that wore off quickly.

We tried to keep them dry with umbrellas. We tried, and we failed. Everyone was soaked to the skin. Bayley took refuge in the van, but Hayden stayed out. By the time they called the game, the fairgrounds were a swamp.

We raced home and into warm showers. Let's not do THAT again!