Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Incredible John's

When Molly described the new John's Incredible Pizza as Las vegas for kids...I knew I had to go. I have kids, I have an unnatural love for Las Vegas. This had to be my kind of place. And to make it even better...I had a Groupon.

To get access to the play space, you have to buy the buffet. Fine, we needed dinner. I'd say the buffet is....hmmm, on par with Izzy's. The boys loaded up on cheese pizza and fresh doughnuts, Jeff and I waited too long in line for the salad bar. Some of the pizza choices were certainly original - macaroni and cheese, peanut butter and pepperoni - and the chicken seemed to be missing from the buffalo chicken pizza, but hey, that's not why we came.

The boys were in the market for a birthday party locale. My national conference falls right before the holiday/birthday weekend, so I'm not up for a home party this year. As soon as we walked into John's they were sold.

The play area is huge. There is a toddler area with climbing toys that doesn't cost a thing, plus a Twister ride, worthy of any fair and much cleaner! Same with the bumper cars. The games are varied, which makes it great for kids of all sizes. Grace loved the dinosaur grab one, and Jeff loved 'winning' her dinosaurs. I was a fan of Wheel of Fortune, Bayley & Hayden liked riding the motorbikes game.

The boys had a $15 card that lasted about 45 minutes. Chuck E Cheese is cheaper, definitely, but this is much cleaner. Plus, the eating area is separate from the play area. There are themed dining rooms so families can select their level of quiet. The Cabin is distraction free. The Toon Room has cartoons playing on a loop. There is a sports themed room, one with music videos playing, and one kind of like a night club for tweens. 

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