Saturday, August 28, 2010

Camp Hot Tub :: Day 2

Hayden :: Basically we did water bumper boats and we did arcade games - I did motorcycle one and then Mario Cart and I was awesome. Gram-Mo let us pick out 3 goldfish each. I picked a black one and two white ones with orange on top. We got nine goldfish.

Bayley :: The heel of my foot is slightly swollen. I don't know. It might be because I was walking backwards and I tripped over the rocking chair. We went to this family fun park thing, and we got these bumper boats and we bumped each other and squirted each other, and I tricked Hayden. I steered towards this fountain thing that sprayed at your boat and then turned away at the last second, but Hayden got sprayed. Hayden sprayed me a lot more than I squirted him because his boat had shorter range than mine, so I had to get farther away to get him with my guns.

We did a few dipstick things, but we stopped when I complained Hayden whacked me in the head with my dipstick. Now we're watching Wheel of Fortune.

We went to the bank today with Gram-Mo & Pop Pop and they had these giant cookies, and we got two. Pop Pop got two too.

Pop Pop :: They tried to have another water war in the backyard but it wasn't hot enough so it only turned into an argument.

Gram-Mo :: Bayley finished his book. The boy reads fast! I found a fairy tales book and I'll see if he likes that. Maybe we can find Gabe's choose-your-own adventure books.

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Nicole Maki said...

Will you please adopt me?

I'm house trained.

I'll be quiet... I bake bread :-)

Your vacation looks so awesome. I've been green with envy reading each and every post.

Glad to see you're having fun.