Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Out Of This World Pizza & Play

Hayden's team did a big end-of-season party at Out of This World. The parents of one of the boys on the team own it, so the boys had a room of their pizza & ice cream...and a visit from the resident magician! It was better than a birthday party because all the kids got a gift (their trophy) and no one had to sit and watch another kid get everything :D

We used to go all the time before Grace, but we've only been for birthday parties since. This usually means someone takes the boys, and mom is home with the girl. So, there were lots of new-to-me things. The climbing structure has changed, and the rock wall has been moved into it. Both my boys claim it is much better the new way...though I stuck to the smaller kid side of the play floor. They also have two bounce houses with slides...though Grace couldn't climb up to slide on the 5 and under version.

As always, the pizza was great (I love the vegetarian but Jeff needs meat on his pizza so we did the chicken which is great too), the drinks are unlimited (and good thing since I think the kids sweat out 2 drinks while they are there -- oh, hot tip - they have flavored syrups out for the coffee, but you can use them to make cherry coke or vanilla coke or what-have-you), and there is a comfy couches area for those with wee ones.

The boys played non-stop for hours. Grace...was not as much of a fan. We thought she'd like the slides and bounce houses and plasma cars, and she did not. We finally settled her in at the couch flanked kid area and she found that much better.

I hope she grows to like it. The place is a godsend in the wet, winter months!

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Fab Free Fun said...

Abra used to HATE OOTW when we first moved to town. Too big and noisy! Unlike you, we were able tlo take a year long break from there and she likes it now. Granted, we went at lunch, on a school day, around time for little ones to was great!