Friday, December 28, 2012

Portland Aquarium

The idea of having an aquaium in town thrilled Grace. She still talks about the Oregon Coast Aquarium and Ocean World. I had high hopes for the local take on it, but didn't want to get ahead of myself. We got half-price tickets from Sharing Spree and Jeff took a day off work to check it out with us, and hopefully avoid the weekend rush.

We learned two things right quick...Milwaukie is farther away than it looks on the map. We could probably get to the aquarium in Seaside faster. the season pass at Portland Aquarium if you don't want to wait an hour in line outside. Members get right in, the rest of us try to stay under cover and near the outdoor heaters. For an hour.
It's a small place, perfect for a year from now when people wander through, but right now it's packed. So many people are moving through that the food they sell for the 'feed the animals' experience could be seen floating limply in the tanks. These fishies were full up!

It's put together in a very playful and clever way. One touch pool is in the back of a boat, the jellyfish are under blacklights that really show off their beauty, and the tropical fish aquarium is gorgeous. It brings to mind visions of the sea floor when snorkling.
The shark and stingray petting pool was a favorite for the boys. Hayden kept reaching in all the way to his shoulder, not caring a bit that his sleeves were drenched. We spent most of our time there. The boys were all about the water, but Grace was more interested in checking out the aquariums that lined the room.

I think we'll check it out again - when the puffin and otter exhibits are up and running...and everyone in the metro area isn't lining up outside!

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Christmas Tree

As soon as we caught a break in the rain during daylight hours, we trekked out to forage a tree. Okay, so we drove up two blocks and chose one at the Santa Lot. They even tie it to the car for you. It's one of the perks of living on the edge of town - you can get your Christmas tree in five minutes!

The boys helped get the tree in the stand this year. It's much more fun to watch the tree wrangling than to be the wrangle-ee.

After a day in the half in the garage to dry out, my men brought the beast inside. Apparently the small men are much more help getting a tree in a stand than they are getting a tree in the house. Again, happy not to be the one being yelled at.

The kids loved decorating the tree with all the ornaments. And Grace just had to put the angel atop the tree.

So far, the pups seem uninterested in the tree. They've plucked off a few ornaments, but the novelty of that wore off and they're content to ignore it. Now if I could just convince them to nap during my writing time, they'd be perfect.

Maybe I should ask Santa for help.

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Gingerbread Men!

To get everyone in the holiday mood I picked up a giant gingerbread man decorating kit. I'm hoping it keeps them from asking for gingerbread houses this year. I just know I'd leave the house and come home to puppies with tummy aches if we gingerbread house...

The boys had their own designs, and Grace followed a pattern from the box. Kind of. She stopped after she realized the gummies were hearts. Then she set to using as many hearts as possible.

They looked great...but they were hard as rocks! The boys tried to take a bite...then decided to break off a foot...and yeah. Not yummy.