Sunday, May 02, 2010

Grace's 2nd Birthday Party

Grace enjoyed her 2nd birthday party today at the Children's Museum. It was a fabulous place to have a party for the tiny kiddos -- we didn't have to bother with games, they all just wanted to go play! So it was cupcakes, presents, and back out to play!

Once Grace saw the cupcakes, she wasn't interested in anything else - especially Mommy's desire to have a group photo with her friendlies. But as soon as she saw the cupcake, all was right with the world again,

Daddy helped her blow out her candle and then it was a cupcake free-for-all! She went to town on the icing, then the cake, then the water bottle. Talk about a mess!

Grace really liked all the things to play with at the museum. She really liked going through the tunnels and driving the ambulance.

Bayley and Hayden were more interested in the clay studio...and for Hayden -- the stage!

Hayden has been watching Big Time Rush on the Disney channel and decided he wants to join their band. He's been practicing his singing, and thinks he sings best with the radio turned up loud. At the museum he put on quite a show for us all, including a few renditions of "Oh You're Such A Jerk".

And why is he so dressed up? The boys came down in their usual attire and I told them they needed to wear a shirt with a collar so they looked nice for Grace's party, thinking they'd trade their t-shirts for polo shirts. Bayley tugged on a pullover, which technically had a collar. Hayden comes down with his dress-up outfit and says -- Is this handsome enough? I think I wear it to graves. And weddings.

To be fair, he has only worn it to funerals and weddings, and he needs a new outfit because this one is a size 6 and the boy is an 8...sometimes 10! He did look fantastic, and everyone told him so as they admired his toothless grin :)

And to's another week until her actual birthday. It's never too early to introduce the concept of a birthday month :D


Hyppster's Board said...

It was a blast! I told Hayden he looked very handsome...he turned red and covered his face with his hands! lol

So cute:)

Fab Free Fun said...

The party was FABULOUS!! Plus the way you did it was great-presents, cake, then everyone is on their own schedule! No rushing-except after your own child! Thanks Jenna and Happy Birthday Grace

Mama K said...

Fun party.. but check the spelling on your title... did you change her name when she turned 2??