Sunday, June 29, 2014

Pacific City

We took advantage of the sunshine and headed to the coast for the afternoon. Hayden has been wanting to climb the dune at Pacific City since last summer, so he chose the destination. Jeff likes it there because you can park on the beach - no hauling gear through the sand!

Bayley was torn between being bored, acting like a teen, and playing like a kid. He has to maintain his cool. And it is hard to be cool when you're hanging out with your goofy brother and girly sister. Poor dude. One of these days I'll have to take a minute to feel bad for him.

Of course I thought it was quite the accomplishment that the boy spent the day unattached from his Xbox.

Pacific City has a bit of everything - the dune, a long beach for kites and Frisbees, tide pools and waves worthy of a surf board. And a riptide. The thing is no joke. So, it's not a swimming beach, but what stretch of the Oregon coast is?

We always cap off the day with dinner at Pelican Brewery. Unfortunately, the food has changed! We all ordered something different and...yeah. Won't be going back. Too bad, really. But I guess that's what picnics are for!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Green to Blue

He broke the board with an elbow strike I'm so proud of how he's stuck with this. He's had to miss months at a time because I just couldn't get him there around the soccer schedules of the other two. And he'll miss next month for track.