Saturday, November 21, 2009

Northwest Adventurers

Hayden had his first activity with his Tiger Cub den - a trip to the county history museum. Hayden opted not to wear his uniform (I wonder how he felt when he realized all the other boys did), but he was the first to volunteer to help out with the demonstration by playing the part of a...wait for it...BEAVER! Thank goodness this was not civil war week!

Bayley and Hayden have been going to each other's outings in the hopes of earning as many 'segments as possible. They're segment bandits!

Bayley's Bear Cub den went to the Pittock Mansion last weekend to fulfill the same segment. Jeff said the tour they got was much better than what you get when you just go as a tourist. This cub scout thing is really working for the boys!

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Gabriel said...

I think that we can look past the beaver thing only because he is too young to really know the difference - I mean, he didn't look like Benny the burnt turd Beaver did he? I bet he was a better beaver than all those jokers in Corn-valley anyways.