Friday, August 27, 2010


After Crater Lake, we went to Medford to visit family and deposit the boys for their week at Camp Hot Tub.

We hadn't even finished unpacking the van, and the boys were in the back yard, in their swim trunks, ready for a water fight. They have quite the system with 5 gallon buckets & dipsticks. Grace even tried to get in on the action this year.

It was so hot out, that Dad & Pop Pop even gave it a try. They must seriously be out of water fight practice, because the boys drenched them both.

After dinner at a Chinese buffet, it was time for Big Brother and then the hot tub. Grace donned her tutu swimsuit and let Pop Pop hold her while she splashed a few inches of water out of the hot tub.

Getting Grace to go to sleep - and stay asleep - is quite the challenge when we travel. She decided that night to try and sleep between her brothers...for a while. It took her a while to go to sleep, but she slept through the night! Something she didn't do either night at the lodge. Either she wore herself out, or she was petitioning for an invite to Camp Hot Tub next year.

The next day brought a visit from Grandma Evie. She had to remind us she'll be turning 87 soon, because she's so vibrant we tend to forget. As usual, she came with a trunk full of gifts which the boys opened immediately to snack on.

Bayley wanted to see if he was taller than her, so she indulged him...he's close...and she was wearing shoes...but I don't think any of us are ready for Bayley to be adult sized!

After a buffet lunch, it was time for everyone to head home. I took a quick picture of the woodshed Pop Pop is building, and we left the boys to Camp Hot Tub!

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