Tuesday, August 10, 2010


A couple weeks ago my friend Nicole challenged all her craftilicious friends to finish the projects that had stalled. It helped me get a couple things done...and I've kept the momentum going. I finished this idea for DIY Photo Art! Total cost? $9

And then there is the Alphabet Wall - I LOVE this idea. But it's not exactly a spur of the moment project. You have to collect the letters and such. BUT, Nicole and the crafties do this thing called stash-busting, where they use what they have on hand to create scrapbook pages, art, cards, whatever.

So...I took a frame out of my closet and a couple sheets of letter stickers out of my scrapbook box and VOILA!

Not exactly what I'm after, but a whisper of the original idea. And total cost...nothing, just stuff I had lying around.


Nicole Maki said...


You rock! I love all the projects you've finished.

Stash busting is really the best because in the end, it all gets done and a finished project looks a whole lot better than an imagined but incomplete one.

I drew your name of my Finishing Week Commenters (I'll post that tomorrow) and need to know what color your kitchen is and or what colors you like in general. I'll be popping a present in the mail for you.

Fab Free Fun said...

So fun!! I need to start finishing projects I have started...the first being unpacking from my trip