Saturday, January 30, 2010


A new exhibit on space opened today at OMSI, so we took advantage of member night to preview it. That is really the time to go, the new exhibit is busy, but the rest of the place has very little waiting for everything. Jeff spent most of the evening in the Physics lab with one boy or another.

The boys liked the space exhibit - especially seeing the replica of the robot that explores Mars and the meteors. Bayley got to do a computer game that senses your hand movements -- kind of like Wii, but more like virtual reality. Hayden did the anti-gravity simulator where they spun the kids around and had them pedal bikes like the astronauts do.

On member night, they have previews of the classes they offer. The boys both got to try out a Segway which apparently isn't that different from the Wii Sports Resort version. Who knew?

They also had face painting -- after trying to decide between being Robin or The Joker, Hayden went with a bat. He looked great! I wish I could do this for him on Halloween!

Thursday, January 28, 2010


We didn't do as much for B as we'd planned. There was a lot of baking, even brownies. The boys took in a high school basketball game, Hayden signed up to do baseball in the spring, and we played lots of bowling on the Wii. We tried to teach Grace body parts -- she is really only interested in poking people in the eye or picking their nose! Thank goodness we get a fresh start with a new letter!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Artist Renderings

Sometime between when I went to work last night and this morning, Grace redecorated my sofa with a ball point pen. The new one. Took two upholstry cleaners to get it out...and now there is what I am hoping is residue and not a permanent mark from the cleaner! Oh My Wow, where does she come up with this stuff?

I was so upset about it, when I was shopping for cleaner, I picked up new toe polish for myself - Fairy Teal. Almost made my day.

And then...she did it again. I kid you not. I signed Hayden's permission slip, set the pen down to put the piece of paper in his backpack and WHAMO, she grabs the pen and plays Picasso on the back of the sofa. I could have tossed her in her crib right there and declared the day over.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Pinewood Derby

The boys made their cars for the Pinewood Derby the Cub Scouts put together every year. They designed them completely on their own!

Bayley won 3 out of 4 races, Hayden won 1 out of 4. However...they take the finishing times and average them to get the leaders for each den. Hayden was 2nd place for his den, Bayley didn't place. Still...they did phenomenally well since lots of the dads make the cars, not the boys. Plus, they designed very easy-to-recognize-in-blurry-pictures kind of cars!

Muffins and Models

Too bad it's not the M fortnight! The boys had a great time yesterday afternoon. Hayden spent hours (yes, plural) baking lemon poppyseed muffins in his EZ Bake oven - he made enough for everyone to have one after dinner for dessert! He is the most generous little guy.

Bayley needed to do a model for Cub Scouts, and no one was shocked when he was able to find a Star Wars model to make! He did it all himself and says that it is quite realistic!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Alphabet Soup

We decided to do the alphabet year game again, where you focus on a letter of the alphabet every fortnight. We didn't get very creative this go-round. Mostly apples, avocados, Apple Jacks and arranging furniture. Hayden started a new art class at school. Uncle Dan even tried to help out with his abdominal surgery. We really need to get out more!

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Chess Tournament!!

The boys got to play in their first chess tournament today. It amazed me to watch them focus so intently on a game. They worked so hard and followed the rules better than I'd even hoped (there is no talking during a chess match...chatting can get you booted out!)

Jeff & I traded off at lunchtime, so I didn't get to see them finish up...and he left with them before the awards ceremony where they would have received their participation ribbon. Ah well. Next time I'll just have to stay all day. Bayley is a little bummed out about leaving early, but Hayden is fine with it.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Buy My Mom's Book

My author copies for Compromising Positions came today. Bayley wanted to know if I was going to sell enough copies to go to DisneyWorld or DisneyLand. It cracked me up...and I was quite impressed with his personal spin.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Snow Day!

The boys headed up to Mt Hood for the Cub Scout Snow Day. They got there wicked early and were able to explore and start out the intertubing runs for the day. This was good, because the tubes go faster as the runs get packed down and Hayden had quite the habit of flying off the tube! Bayley loved seeing the snow cave some boy scouts built last weekend. And since there wasn't a crowd, he got to play in it all he wanted.

They had a great time going down the hill, but hiking back up really seemed to have worn them out. We're hoping it means they sleep well tonight!

The event lasted all day, but the boys wore themselves out, so shortly after lunch they trekked home. And on the drive...Bayley lost ANOTHER tooth. I'm hoping the orthodontist thinks we should wait until these teeth come in before we start with braces.