Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Crater Lake : Day 3

Our final day at the lodge, we had our best meal -- breakfast! The boys got chocolate syrup pancakes bigger than their heads! We packed up and headed out for the Watchman Peak trail (see the hiking post).

Once we got down from the high hike, we headed towards Medford. We stopped along the way to explor the Rogue River gorge (much smaller than the Columbia river version...but you can see the collapsed lava tubes.

Grace really enjoyed the waterfalls we saw on our hikes/boat trips. She would clap and yell waterfall until we clapped too.

A skip away from the river was Beckie's Cafe, a restaurant Grandpa Bill reccomended. We stopped in for lunch...and pie.

We climbed back in the car, and made it to Medford while Grace napped...

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