Monday, May 29, 2006

Active Boys!

We wanted to do something fun with the boys today. Since it rained during the G fortnight, we wanted to try a little miniature golf to make up for it. Bayley had fun, Hayden liked to throw the golf balls. Bayley wanted desperately to go bowling, so that came next. Hayden liked to sit on the floor and roll his bright yellow bowling ball. When our game was over, Hayden made a break for it into the game room at the bowling alley. Just like at Chuck E. Cheese, Bay was enthralled by air hockey.

Hayden does not believe in rules, just having fun. He thought stepping on the foul like during bowling was the greatest thing because it made a buzzer go off. He wanted to toss his golf ball and 'help' everyone else by picking up their ball and putting it in the hole. Air hockey is only meant to be played by one person, according to King Hayden.

Bayley is the BEST big brother in the world. During golf he was wonderful with "Just give it a try, Hayden." and "You did it." Bowling was even better. He put his hand on Hayden's shoulder and said "You're getting better every time."

Are you in love yet?

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Look what they can do!

On Tuesday, the boys caught Grandpa Bill coming back from a ride with Chinook. Hayden got on too. Bayley did not get on because he wanted to ride all by himself.

All week Bayley reminded all who looked at the picture of Hayden and the horse that Hayden did not ride the horsse, only sat on it. He claimed he was going to sit on a horse, and ride it.

By Sunday, Bayley was ready to ride a horse. Grandpa showed him how to get Jammer ready. She let him know what she thought of the situation by gifting him with a large deposit. She was great for Bayley, though. His eyes widened when he realized just how high up he was on her back, and he thought twice about walking her. But she took him in a gentle circle and when she was done Grandma Bobbie plied her with horse cookies.

Weekend Mania

We let off the gas a little this weekend. Saturday was a Chuck E Cheese birthday party for one of Bayley's school chums. Sunday brought our weekly grocery pilgramidge, followed by lunch at Sweet Tomatoes (they sent me a freebie for my birthday), then Bayley and I had a 'date' for Suessical the Musical - my mother's day gift from the Burke's. He was so well behaved and sweet and excited. We had our Sunday night dinner at Grandma & Grandpa's ... followed by Bayley riding a horse! Pix in a second...

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Hayden rode a horse with Grandpa Bill today!! I missed it, but I am sure I'll have plenty more opportunities.

Bayley wanted to ride 'by himself', so he didn't get up today. But it won't be long now.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

What A Weekend!

Farmer's Market & Home Depot for garden plants
Lowe's woodworking workshop (the boys made wheelbarrow planters)
Target & The $1 Store
Hillsboro Safety Day (Bayley climbed on the police motorcycle, Hayden sat in the drivers seat of a fire truck)
5 year-old's birthday party (complete with trampoline)
Planting the garden (tomatoes, zucchini, marigolds & herbs)
Costco (to develop pictures from the party)
Bonfire and pizza at the Gordon's

Bayley made Mom breakfast in bed
Lunch at Red Robin
Bed, Bath & Beyond for a new teapot (ours had an unfortunate accident)
Daddy made Strawberry Tower & he and Grandpa Bill grilled dinner
Hayden didn't soil a diaper all night, unfortunately he did pee on the grass, at Grandpa's septic tank, and in Daddy's truck