Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Grace likes having her picture taken about as much as I do. I think it comes from those 9 months we battled the excema and she wasn't subjected to portrait studio purgatory.

I put her in a gorgeous Ralph Lauren blue dress, and we tried valliantly to get a pose...but everything was of her fussing, making a face or running away. They even brought out the basket of vivid Gerbera daisies...she liked throwing them.

So we tried the beach background because Grace loves to "Go beach. Splash water. Play sand." Seriously, ask her if she wants to go to the beach. That's what she says!

I changed her clothes, pulled her hair up and we tried again. She loved sitting on the surfboard...but not smiling. She liked playing with the giant shells, but only with her back to the camera.

This picture was the best we could get. Gah! So, next time I'll dress the boys and try for a shot of all 3 of them. And then maybe she'll be comfortable enough to get a picture. If not...I start making the drive to the mall again. OK, it's not the drive I mind so much. It's all the money I spend at the mall while I'm waiting for the portraits!


Hyppster's Board said...

I think it came good! Did u do the portrait innoventions? It would be nice to have a pic of all three of them with the beach background, in jeans or something casual...and barefoot. Hum...I should do that!

Jenna Bayley-Burke said...

You should go do that!