Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Soccer Practice

The boys took a reprieve from Camp Grandma to come into town for Hayden's soccer practice. Hayden likes playing with the other kids, but he's claiming he's not a fan of soccer. We'll see...

Grandma & Grandpa were surprised to learn that youth soccer plays 4 on 4 with no goalies in half size fields. So was I - I never thought to ask!

Grace was excited to have something to do during soccer. Usually, she and Bayley watch a video in the van where we all sit in climate controlled comfort. Today, she ran free. Literally. As soon as we got there she took off across the field. She spent the rest of the time tethered to me thanks to her hippo backpack.

She had a great time. Miss Sara gave her a yogurt parfait and Grandma played catch. What more could a girl want?

Bayley wasn't as entertained. He decided to collect trash (by kicking it with his feet because who wants to touch it) and deposited it on home plate. Where...Grace wanted to play with it. GROSS!

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