Monday, December 26, 2005

Merry Christmas

The holidays got a jump start with Swedish Christmas Eve at Aunt Sunny's new house. Hayden gobbled up as many meatballs as we let him, and Bayley ate a roll and some cookies. After stuffing ourslves we took a walk in Sunny's new neighborhood. These peopel are SERIOUS about their holiday decorations. There were polar bears, a dozen santas, a train, a chipmunk family and to top that - a Charlie Brown Christmas pageant display complete with audio. People were constantly driving by in their cars. After enjoying the light displays the boys got to open some great gifts. Like this globe for B and bus for H.

Christmas morning was stockings, and Hungry Hungry Hippos. After naps we headed up to Grandma & Grandpa's for Christmas dinner. The boys again made out in the toy parade with H getting his own LeapPad, and B receiving new LeapPad books. Again...we gorged ourselves on food. And H got to do his favorite thing, feed Amigo. (One of the horses Grandpa is boarding.)

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Keeping Them Busy

I've really started using preschool as a crutch. I don't do nearly as much dual child art projects as I used to. Things are so much easier one on one. Ah well, I guess I need the challenge.

To keep the boys from OD-ing on TV and driving me insane, I opted to keep them very busy during this break from school. We went to the science museum, where they got really wet playing with the different exhibits. But then...after we got home they were both terribly bratty and refused to nap.

Then I tried the Sesame Street exhibit at the Children's Museum. I loved it - but since it is vacation time there were a lot of kids, and Bayley doesn't do well when things get loud. But he did love the digging pit. And of course the water table.

The rest of the time we braved the zoo that was the holiday shopping season and did tons of craft projects. Lots of coloring, paint and glue.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Hayden should come with a warning...don't feed after dinner. I swear, everytime that kid gets so much as a cookie after eating dinner he ends up puking before the night is out. I get that he wants to keep up with his big brother, but your stomach is only so big little dude!

Monday, December 19, 2005


Santa was invented by parents to get children to behave for a few days each year. Mention Hungry Hungry Hippos (don't buy it for them, I did) or Santa's naughty list and Bay is a gem. The kids at school really got him into Santa, odd because last year he had the real story on Santa and now he's into the fable. But whatever if it keeps him from screaming.

So I bucked up and took the kids to see Santa. There's a Christmas exhibit at the local dairy and they have model trains and a storybook lane...and a room where the kids play with toys while they wait their turn. Much better than the line at the mall. Hayden squirmed, but loved the candy cane. Bay was more excited that he got to go, than by the actual event.

Ho Ho Ho

Monday, December 12, 2005

Friday, December 09, 2005

Potty Prize

He did it! Hayden is steadily starting to use the potty. Once on Tuesday, twice on Wednesday, thrice on this rate he just might figure it out. Though...I have a sneaking suspicion he does most of it for the accolades. Every time he pees he says "Clap! Clap!" and high-fives. Then demands a story why he tries to doodee. Hasn't figured that out yet. Afterwards he reaches into the bag of potty prizes. A big green bag stuffed with the dollar store's finest.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

In Memory

Vernon E. “Vern” Rush

Vernon E. Rush, age 84, passed from this life at home on Thursday December 8, 2005, after a valiant battle with cancer. Vernon E. Rush was born in Brownsville, Oregon November 23, 1921 to Virgil E. Rush and Mabel Atkin Rush, the fourth of five children. He attended school in Ashland from Lincoln Elementary through Ashland High, where he met his wife in 1939.

Vern married Thomasina Pritchard Rush, December 3, 1941, in Astoria, Oregon, 4 days before Pearl Harbor, while he was stationed at Ft. Stevens in the Coast Artillery. They celebrated their 64th wedding anniversary December 3,2005 with family at their home in Phoenix, Oregon. Vern enjoyed his athletic years in school and loved hunting, fishing and family reunions. He was an honest, hard working Christian man who loved his family and made many loyal lifelong friends.

He served 6 years and 4 months in National Guard and the US Army in WWII. His career covered many jobs including, truck and bus driver, wholesale grocery warehouse, market manager, motel and restaurant manager with his wife in the 60's as well as partner-operators of the Medford Dairy Queen with Loretta and Vern Lehman in the 70's. When he retired, Vern and Tommie established Rush Relief Motel Management and traveled the west coast as emergency replacement for owners who needed time out. They lived in Brookings for 20 years, returning to the Rogue Valley in 2001.

In addition to his wife, Vern is survived by his two sons, Michael and Charles Rush, Chuck’s wife Margaret and five grandsons; Martin, Keldon, Joseph, Charles Vernon Jr., Jefferey and their wives; one grand daughter, Rebecca Hohman, husband David; five great grandsons, Jordan Hohman, Ian Voje, Wesley Rush, Nathaniel Rush, Ryan Rush and eight great grand daughters; Myan & Kieran Rush, Taylor Voje, Alexandra, Mackenzie, Hannah, Grace and Rebecca Rush. Vern is also survived by his sister, Loretta Rush and husband, Vern Lehman; two sisters-in-law, Carole Carter Rush of Brookings, LeLaine Graham Rush of White City and numerous nieces and nephews. Vern was preceded in death by his parents; one sister, Opal Rush Carter and his brothers, Gale and Glen Rush. A memorial gathering will be announced after cremation. He was loved and he will be missed by many.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Be sure to brush your teeth!

Bayley dresses himself now. One Saturday morning he came down in this dress-up outfit and said, "Aren't I handsome?"

Did we tell y'all that the boys broke the glass on our patio table? They are fun, aren't they?

Thursday, December 01, 2005

In his NOSE!!

I have no idea what it was Hayden thought to shove up his nose yesterday. Chewed up napkin or toilet paper is my guess. Jeff's money is on a crayon wrapper. But either way, it was a lot of junk.

He stands there, a finger knuckle deep in his nostril and says "Mommy, hurt"

"I bet, baby. Get your finger out of there. Do you need to blow it?" Now, he can't blow, it's more of a pinchy wipe thing I do. So when I get my fingers on the bridge of his nose I's full. "Did you stick something in your nose?"


"Well, let me see it." So I pull a wad of gooey paper from his nose and say a thankful prayer that Bayley never thought to do this. And then his finger is back in his nose. "Is there more?" I ask tipping his head back. Sure enough.

I get the tweezers and go in. Another huge wad and he says, "All done."

Except you see, I'm not sure. This is Hayden. And while most people would stop after jamming one nostril, if they thought to try it at all, he does nothing by halves. So I catch him and peek in the other side. Wouldn't you know.

I get the obvios peices, but he's still digging so I know there is more. With the help of a pillow and a MagLight I find still more jammed in each side. I swear, he would have had less packing for a nose job.

What is with this kid!?!