Thursday, September 02, 2010

Party Tricks

Since the boys opted for separate parties, the era of the park party may be over for us...thankfully they have some friends who picked up the torch and ran with it! The girls even talked their mom into a magician!

Hayden loves this particular magician - having seen him at half a dozen birthday parties and Out of this World - and has figured out a lot of the tricks, thanks to the magic tricks we learned for their cub scout books. Unfortunatley for Rudy the Magician...Hayden exposed his bunny trick.

I thought he might get some magical payback when he did a trick with shaken up Coke cans and opened one right in front of Hayden's face...but it only gave him some caffeinated sugary soda to drink. Joy.

Grace's favorite part? The icing on the cake. Not the cake. Just the icing.

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