Friday, April 25, 2008

Amatuer Photographer



Snow Conz!

Miss Molly cemented her status as the kids favorite neighborhood mom when she brought out the snow cone machine! We get one good day of weather this week and had to celebrate.

The kids were very excited that a treat usually only at the zoo and fairs was now coming from their front yards! The moms were overjoyed about the plastic cups (snow cones drip and that is fun for no one).

With the way Bayley and Hayden love to eat crushed ice, I think we'll have to invest in one too!

Clown Day

Hayden's preschool has fabulous theme days. Today was Clown Day. Hayden was so excited to get to wear his clown costume (courtesy of the dress-up bag we swiped from Gram-mo's closet a while back. It is an Ungle Gabe original, I hear).

He was bothered that I had no red lipstick to decorate his nose, but never fear...the teachers thought of everything! They gave him a red nose and red cheeks (complete with sparkles!)

Here's hoping it's washable! He wiped his red cheek on my pant leg!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

New Camera & a Smoothie

Wonder why there haven't been many posts? Our camera died a slow death...but with the baby coming we got a new one. I don't know why, but having pictures seems to be essential to my boy blogging. Without the pictures I don't have the urgency to post anything!

So...Hayden gets these High Five magazines (like Highlights, but for the under 5 set) and they have a recipe in them. This month was a strawberry smoothie. He had a great time making it...especially since I let him use a very dull knife to cut up the bananas and strawberries...but he had no interest in drinking it. Bayley tried it, but decided it was too sweet.

Maybe next month's recipe will have more appeal.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Today was so so - by Bayley


Today was so so . The bad parts were...Dad was not listening to me. Hayden was annoying me. I also got blamed for something I did not do.

The good parts were...I got to play Clue with Dad but he beat me. We played Candyland but Hayden threw a fit so we couldn't finish.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sibling Tour

The boys had a class last night about being a Super Sibling and got a preview of the birthing center at the hospital. They even made Gracious Mae her first birthday cards! So cute!

The instructor showed the kids how to hold a baby...Bayley did great, but Hayden was more interested in taking the doll's diaper off and putting it on her head...they learned about always washing their hands before holding a new baby and not feeding the baby their food. It was great.

Until Hayden had a meltdown in the elevator. He walked through the birth center under duress. Even making the bed go up and down and seeing the bathroom didn't appease him.

This morning he did say he was glad there was lots of room for snacks in the room. OK then.