Monday, June 30, 2008

Why is it...

whenever I want a picture of Grace in something someone bought for her, she does the screaming face?

These are from the outfit Aunt Peg picked out, the dress I actually came home from the hospital in, and the car seat cover I bought with some money Grandma sent.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Playdough, Parties, and Poopy Diapers

Last week Hayden did a playdough camp with a bunch of his friends from preschool. He had a blast, and all the mess stayed at the rec center. Score one for me.

Bayley wound up the week with a birthday party for one of his school friends at Out of This World. I think he would move in there if he could.

Grace still has a bit of a cold. It's winding down, which I hope means she'll start sleeping more.

Saturday, June 28, 2008


While we were playing outside with friends, this bird dropped down from a tree. After a few minutes of the moms telling the kids not to touch the poor thing, she flew into a bush. We thought it was a cute lesson on how birds learn to fly.

But then, when we came out after naps, there the bird was again. Hmm. The neighborhood posse surrounded the bird, trying to feed it leaves. Now, I doubt you've ever been surrounded by a half dozen pre-schoolers, but it's safe to say it freaked the bird out. The neighborhood dad put the bird in a tree and we all hoped for the best.

The next morning the bird was on the front steps of our neighbors house and no longer trying to jump/fly. She took it to the Audobon society, more so nature could progress there than in front of the neighborhood kiddos. So...they all think the bird is at a birdie hospital and will be released into the woods. In reality, the Audobon people said the bird had a neurological issue (probably from dropping out of that tree), so their hopes weren't high.

Who says city kids never learn about nature? They do, it's just the G-rated version.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Reading to Gracie

When I was pregnant people would ask the boys what they were going to do to help with the new baby. Hayden wanted to feed ehr and play with her and sing to her - he had quite the list. Bayley wanted to avoid changing kid. Finally he settled on answering that he would read to the baby.

He really followed through on that today. He read all of these books to her ::

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Coming Soon To The PGA Tour...

Bayley had a golf camp this week. He spent time on the driving range, putting green, and even got to ride a golf course to a practice hole! Now he is all set to golf with Dad.

Friday, June 13, 2008

3 weeks!

How much can babies grow in 3 weeks? Check out Gracie & Nick ::
May 23
June 13

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Preschool Graduation

It's official, Hayden is a graduate...and ready for kindergarten. I tried to talk him into dressing up...but he had none of it. At least I got him out of the 'air-conditioned' U of O jersey. Not sure if Bob the Builder is really as step up, but it had long sleeves and it wasn't exactly warm today.

We weren't sure how he'd do at the ceremony - recall at Christmas how he stood stunned and still while the others sang around him. He was wonderful. Of course. He shook all the teachers hands and sang the songs perfectly. I think I was smiling more at that accomplishment than the others.

And once he got his diploma he let his creativity show...turning it into a telescope. Hey, he's 4.

After the ceremony Hayden was all about the cake (two pieces, plus cookies and punch). Afterwards Gram-mo & Pop Pop took him out to a celebration lunch at his new favorite place, Panda Express.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Preschool End of Year Party

I wish I could take all the kids from preschool and move them right on into kindergarten with Hayden. They are such a great bunch and they get along so well. Plus, it is one of the best groups of mom's ever. Case in point - the fantastic end of year pizza party for the kids.

The teachers were presented their gifts by the kids (the cutest scrapbooks ever with a page done by each of the kiddos), the kids ate pizza and busy bee cupcakes, and played like mad. Well, Hayden did until he opted to play his 'alone card'. Not sure what the anti-social moment was about.

My shining moment is this pic of Hayden and his pal River. Usually one or both of them will make a weird face to make the other laugh. They finally sat still for me.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Summer Plans

I asked the boys what they wanted to do this summer. They had quite a list - the beach was on there at least every third idea! Bayley wanted to see how many books he could read, which made me smile since it's something I would do. Hayden wanted to watch every Disney movie...but not the love stories. Too funny. I'm putting Bayley's reads on the sidebar. Not sure how to keep track of what Hayden's watched. So far it's Winnie The Pooh.

Monday, June 02, 2008

The Sweater

Grandma Bobbie had been holding on to this sweater since she had her boys...three of them. Finally, the sweater gets some use!

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Hayden & Gracie Mae

Hayden is loving having a baby sister. Maybe a little too much at times. He always wants to talk to her, hold her, sing to her...we've had to mae a new rule. When the baby has her eyes closed, he's to leave her alone! On the plus side, she will take a pacifier from him...but she won't from Mom!

Hayden likes the activity mat more than Grace does. Maybe he is remembering when it was his?