Sunday, August 01, 2010

Golf & S'mores!

After a morning of boring errands - buying a matress for us, a bed for Bayley and grocery shopping - the boys needed some fun! Especially Jeff. I think he had a pain in the wallet!

While Daddy found his boys are not the ideal golfing companions, he holds out hope that they may be...someday. There were some issues taking direction (Bayley) and focusing (Hayden), and it was hot. But, a great time was had by all.

After dinner it was time for our favorite summertime desssert - S'MORES!

Unfortunately, during the making of s'mores, a giant purple ball met an untimely end...which caused great sadness in the hearts of Hayden (the bouncer) and Grace (the ball owner). Both were able to rally with the help of the sugar laden goodness that is a s'more.

We even tried the caramel marshmallows...which are much better than the strawberry and marginally better than the chocolate. Really, you can't improve on the original marshmallow...except to make them bigger!

This was Grace's first time to eat one in sandwich form, rather than in peices...and she was smatey by the end! Good thing it was time for baths!

Hayden & Bayley have decided it is fun to make marshmallow torches at the end of every fire...I am not amused.

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Mama K said...

Jealous.. I would like a new mattress!