Sunday, October 10, 2010

Indoor Goals

Hayden's friend had a birthday party at Indoor Goals this week. We'd never been, so were excited to find out the straight cheese.

With a full size soccer field and lots of seating for the parents, it's a great place for an active birthday party. One of their instructors directed the kids through soccer drills and a quick game, keepin them moving for an entire hour! Hayden played so hard, one time he ran right out of his shoes. Then it was into the party room for cake, ice cream and presents!

The kids' ages varied widely (1 to 10) and everyone had a fun time. It's a well-used place, not quite as worn as Skate World, but that kind of thing. A great spot for a wet-weather birthday.

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Courtney Bayley said...

Fun!! I LOVE Gracie's shirt! Where can I buy one for myself? :)