Sunday, August 08, 2010

Spa Day

Hayden has been wanting to go with me for a pedicure ever since he heard his friend Isabel got to tag along once. Now, Isabel was a shadow of a child during the pedi experience. She is normally quite bubbly, but that day she was all smiles and nods. We barely knew she was there, hence why I was so agreeable to taking Hayden.

We learned a lot about the pedi place today. Hayden had lots of questions - for the techs, for the people getting pedis...He liked the movie they played for him on a mini-DVD player...until Tarzan started to skip. Then it was onto sccoby Doo and he thought we all needed to be clued in whenever Scoobs was funny.

I'd said no nail polish, but Hayden decided he wanted blue & black no. No stripes. So he settled for one blue foot and one black foot.

He wanted the polish off as soon as we got home. But, I'd just done my nails, so he had to wait for Daddy to do it! Talk about a happy Daddy!

He wants to go again...anyone want to take him?