Saturday, November 26, 2005

Zoo Lights

I love to drive around looking at holiday lights. The boys do too, I think. I tell myself they do as I make extra loops here and there. Anyway...I got my fill at the zoo. They put up all kinds of light exhibits -- gingerbread house, carousel, river, swinging monkeys -- and we just walk around, making the zoo loop. We got there right at dusk, and kept the boys warm in the wagon under a quilt. They loved it. And Hayden is always asking "Go Zoo Lights?" now. Almost as much as "Go Grandma's House?"

Friday, November 11, 2005

And me without my camera

Of all people, I left my camera at home. So of course the boys were extra cute. Bayley has been wanting to play ina pi;le of leaves for weeks now, but it; sbeen so rainy up this way that hasn't been possible. But what do Gram-Mo and Pop-Pop have in their back yard? You guessed it. They jumped in the pile, swam in the leaves, had leaf showers. All with no pictures. Well, Gram-mo took a picture. But we all know that will be on her camera for the next year.

The boys visited twice with Grandma Evie, but again, no pictures. Imagine it, Hayden had her wrapped around his little finger in one giggle. At lunch today he led her by the hand to the ice cream machine.

There was even a visit with Grandma Ellie, who watched Hayden run about the room wide eyed. "He's fast!" That's the understatement of the decade.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

ThAt DiD iT!

Hayden is officially grounded. In addition to the normal Hayden wildness tonight he
  • dumped out an entire box of croutons
  • rubbed Nutella into the floor
  • broke a huge decorator mirror (5 ft by 4 ft)
So no privilidges for him. No phone. No trips to the mall. No going anywhere except school.

I know. But time outs don't work for this kid.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Before Pictures

Better Homes & Gardens is sending a photographer to get a shot of me for the magazine. Since a main ingredient for my recipe is seasonal - blackberries - the photographer suggested a picture with me and the ruggies. Great, except I gained 50 pounds this year and they refuse to let me cut their hair. I guess this will be our 'BEFORE' picture.