Friday, March 04, 2011

Gram-Mo & Pop-Pop

Baby Natalie needed a couple of playmates until school is out and she gets Aunt Christina at her beck and call - so Gram-Mo & Pop-Pop are here to play with the baby. It's fun to get a daily update on what is new in the world of Natalie (currently, doing raspberry sounds while being fed peas and considering a walk across the living room). It's also great that my kiddos get extra time with their grandparents too.

Gram-Mo is always up for a game, whether Scrabble with Bayley or tic-tac-toe with Hayden. Once they're bored, she'll strech out on the couch with her Snuggie and lose herself in her Nook Color.

Pop Pop is always game for dress up (he looks great in a hot pink straw hat with the fading smell of graham crackers) and he's helping Bayley learn about his latest interest - coin collecting. It started with the State quarters for our state of the week year, and now he's interested in rare coins and such. Pop Pop brought a coffee can on pennies (doesn't everyone have one?) and they've been sorting through to fill up coin books he got for Bay.

It can get a little crowded, but it's nice that the kids will have these memories forever.

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