Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Seattle Aquarium

After spying the long blue building on one of the piers, we were excited to explore the Seattle Aquarium. As soon as you enter you're treated to a huge wall aqarium. The kids were mesmerised as a diver fed the fish, but their attention quickly shifted from the diver to the fish themselves. I think Grace could have stood there all day and watched them.

Our kids usually dive right into the touchable tide pools, but these were a bit crowded, and too high for Grace to reach into - which was probably a good thing. She usually gets soaked!

There was an interesting salmon exhibit with salmon at all stages of development...but I think that was quickly forgotten thanks to the otter show.

Now, we have otters at our zoo. I know they are horny little beasts and have had to quickly steer the kids away on more than one occasion. Still...I was unprepared when we watched the otters float about and one slid over to the window and popped out his favorite toy.

Again, Hayden had a giggle fit and Bayley had a question - "Why would he eat it?"

Thank goodness they started feeding the seals behind us or we would have had to answer that one right there in the middle of the aquarium! Grace thought the seals were hilarious as they gulped down their food. If her brothers hadn't been so intent on moving on, she probably could have watched for an entire bucket.

Hayden's Review :: Really fun and exciting because we got to touch new stuff and it was a blast. I saw two groupers, one eel and three of Nemo's friends. The sea otter was disgusting because he was trying to eat his own privates.

Bayley's Review :: My favorite part was the big glass wall in the front with a diver in it and an eel. I made a game of trying to find the eel. The most disgusting part was when the sea otter tried to eat off his privates.
NEXT TIME :: I'd put the kids in short sleeve shirts so I didn't get antsy at the tide tables. I'd probably put together a scavenger hunt for the boys so they'd stay interested while Grace observed.


Mama K said...

OMG... you took a picture!!! I know your a romance novelist, but that is hardly research!!!

Hyppster's Board said...

Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You should make that Otter pic the cover of your next book!