Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fremont Troll

One of the amazing things about Seattle is the abundance of public art. Our Ride the Ducks tour guide told us that for every construction project within the city limits, 1% has to be spent on public art. Sometimes it's murals to beautify a parking garage, sometimes it's fountains and statues...and sometimes it' some thing completely unexpected. Like the troll living under the bridge, clutching a Volkswagen as if he'd just snatched it off the street.

When you Google about Seattle with kids, the Fremont Troll often comes up as a must visit. The same Seattle friendly who had a hit with Ride the Ducks suggested it as well, so we decided to find it. The boys thought it was great and began climbing all over it. Bayley even says the troll was one of the highlights of the trip!

It's funny, you spend all this cashola on taking the kids to the attractions, and their favorite stuff is free.

Hayden claims there were lots of gum buggers up his nose!

NEXT TIME :: Can I put Grace in garden gloves? Her fingernails were atrocious!

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