Monday, March 21, 2011

Ride The Ducks

Being die-hard Ducks fans, we thought surely something called Ride the Ducks would be in Eugene! I was quite confused when a friend said it was a must-do for our Seattle trip with the kids. We researched it and found they have these land and water tours on military surplus DUKW vehicles in other cities as well. We knew the boys would be thrilled by the idea of driving into the water, so decided to give it a go.

Reservations are reccomended, but we got there just as they were lining up to board a tour and were able to get us right on. The kids got their quackers, they snapped a truly unflattering picture of our family, and we loaded up onto the replica of a WW2 amphibious truck!

Our driver told us all he was former coast guard and a licensed captain, bus driver, and lunatic. He didn't mention he doubled as a stand-up commedian! He changed hats every few blocks to go with the mood of the neighborhood. Hayden was in heaven and wanted to know where the guy found each hat!

This was a great way to get a brief history of the city while keeping the kids entertained. I love when they learn and don't even know it! A walking tour would give more details, but they'd wind up bored. This way, they actually paid attention as we say the highlights of the city - including the anatomically correct fountain. Hayden was giggling and blushing...Bayley leaned over and whispered "what did they make his privates look like that?" Which made me want to giggle and blush!

After a peek at most everything - which turned out to be a great point of reference for the rest of the trip - we headed up to Lake Union for a quick ride. We got to see a different persepctive on the Seattle skyline, as well as the house they used for Sleepless in Seattle.

Grace loved the entire thing. I'm not sure if it was because she didn't have to have a car seat (the seats are high-backed like on a bus) or having the windows open or all teh new sights, but she was excited the whole time. She also got quite brave, trying to reach out and touch the water!

NEXT TIME...I'd take the tour again! I'm looking forward to doing it again with Grace when she's older.
Hayden's Review ::
The driver was totally crazy and had lots of wigs for his hair.

Bayley's  Review ::
Everything was awesome, except the ride to the lake was a little long. Plus, I liked to stick my hand in the water.

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