Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Harbor Cruise

As another way to sneak some education into the unsuspecting minds of our children, we took them on a short cruise around the harbor from Argosy Cruises. They absolutely loved the boat. Even with the wind blowing, the boys wanted to be outside, and on the top deck!

Once everyone was settled, the tour guide began narrating what we were seeing and giving the history of the area. I loved that, but the kids (including Jeff) were more interested in watching the longshoreman move shipping containers and seeing the hull of the Coast Guard ice breaker being painted red (to make it easier to spot in the ice.

There is something magical about being on the water on a nice, sunny day. Bayley & Hayden stuck mostly to the open top deck, while Grace prefered to be inside running around the open lounge area, laughing each time she lost her sea legs.

NEXT TIME :: I'd bring a blanket and sit on the top deck with a cocktail...and probably not bother with taking pictures!

Hayden's Review :: Awesome! We got to see walking seals and sea lions resting on a buoy. I spent most of the time on the top deck with my brother. My mom gave me money to buy gummi bears.

Bayley's Review :: I especially liked when it was not moving because that's when it swayed the most.

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