Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pike's Place Market

Even though there is a coffee shop on nearly every corner, Seattle is not a town that rises early. Nothing seems to open before 10am. Since we're a family of early-risers, we decided to try our luck with a morning trip to Pike's Place Market. Many of the vendors were absent, but the food purveyors were all there. And since it was slow, everyone took the time to chat up the kids.

Jeff and I were taken with the variety and colors of the fruits and vegetables. Our farmers market starts out slow and green, but here there were lots of selections. Even the fish mongers displayed the fish to take advantage of color.

We took the kids to the very first Starbucks and to Beecher's cheese shop. Bayley was in heaven watching them make cheese. They have a viewing window and signage that explains the steps. I doubt the boys even realized they were learning about cheesemaking as they nibbled on their samples. I love when that happens!

Jeff & I fell in love with Pappardelle's gourmet pasta and wound up taking three pounds home! I'm excited to try them out. We couldn't decide which to get, so we opted for the three most popular. They smell amazing.

NEXT TIME...I'd go hungry. We were full from breakfast, so many of the treats didn't tempt us. I've heard amazing things about the mini-doughnuts, but we were too stuffed!

Hayden's Review :: I liked it when the guy shoved fish in my mouth and I said it tasted like boloney. I liked all the dead fish because it looked like tehy were having a staring contest. I found chocolate spagetti. I liked all the real chocolate in my Starbucks cocoa.

Bayley's Review :: Really annoying because we had to walk around and it smelled like fish. Two good things were the bread samples at the pasta place and where they were making cheese. They had cheese samples that tasted as good as Dubliner.

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Hyppster's Board said...

Looks like a lot of fun. Now, I'm sorry I missed all that stuff when I was there!