Thursday, March 24, 2011

Woodland Park Zoo

A trip to the zoo is never complete until you have milked a plastic cow, got caught in a spider web, stood on  a monkey's head, and teased a penguin. We love our zoo, so we have high expectations for zoos. Woodland Park was great, and had some features I wish our zoo had.

Their insect zoo has it's own building and lots of details about he bugs on display. Some of them creeped me out, the boys thought they were cool.

I liked that they still had their free-range peacocks. Our zoo had to get rid of them. The kids all crowded around him so he splayed his feathers, which was what they wanted, but sheesh! Poor bird!

Bayley's favorite part was the habitat area. It had no animals, just interactive displays about where they burrows, hollow trees and...spider webs!

Grace liked the Zoonasium, an indoor play area for the younger set. I think they use the building for science classes as well, guessing from the displays inside. There is a height limit, but no one called Bayley out, probably because he was there with younger siblings. if I lived in Seattle, I'd get a zoo membership just for the zoonasium!

I got chills watching the grizzly bears interact. They were play fighting, but you could really appreciate just how enormous they are when they stand up on their hind legs and bear their teeth!

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Hyppster's Board said...

Whoa! Never two bears like that before. Pretty cool! You should save that picture of Hayden milking the plastic cow for the meeting of the first girlfriend;)