Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pacific Science Center

When Bayley learned there was a Star Wars exhibit at the Pacific Science Center, he wanted it to be the first place we went. They're closed Tuesdays, or it would have been.

The Pacific Science Center made me really appreciate OMSI. We had to wait in line outside for 25 minutes as two people worked the ticket window with all the urgency of a teenager being told to get off the phone. Finally we got our tickets, included our timed entrance to Star Wars. Where we waited in line for another 20 minutes. You can imagine how much I loved OMSI at this moment. Grace too.

The Star Wars exhibit was the same one we'd seen at OMSI three years ago. The boys didn't remember going (great) so they really enjoyed it. Bayley thought there were too many costumes, and not enough facts. That kid cracks me up.

Once we were through with Star Wars, we got to explore the rest of the place. The boys did the Milenium Falcon Ride while Grace explored their toddler area...and soaked herself at their water table! I changed her into her spare outfit and then spirited her out of there because I didn't have a 3rd change for her!

My favorite thing was the Butterfly Garden. We used to have one at the zoo, but they've done away with it and I really miss it. I played with my camera until the kids were ready to move on to their favorite place.

The game room! Giant checkers with traffic cones, knee-high chess pieces...we got to watch the boys battle it out. They enjoyed playing with the giant peices so much I thought I'd get them some for the back yard...and then I saw the price. Yowza!

NEXT TIME :: Bring something for the kids to do while waiting in line.

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Cbayley said...

looks like fun! and I love gracie's sweater and matching tights! ;)