Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Experience Music Project & Science Fiction Museum

Jeff had been really looking forward to this stop on our adventure. I was hoping there would be something to intrigue the small boys as well...and there wasn't much. More than half of the museum was closed due to construction!

The only things open were the Jimmy Hendricks section (not exactly kidtastic), the guitar collection, and the experience music room. But since it was one of the few rooms open, it was packed and the kids had to wait at every station and soon grew bored we only did two of the 20+ stations.

The top floor science fiction museum only had the Battlestar Gallactica exhibit (the rest was closed as they prepped for an Avatar exhibit this summer). Since we'd never seen the show, none of us were all that interested in the costume collection.

NEXT TIME :: I'd call ahead to make sure the museum is truly open, and not just showing a few things for the sake of staying open.

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