Thursday, February 24, 2011

Gracie in the Snow

Grace is smart, and slept in a bit more than her brothers. Since I'd braved the 16 foot ladder, I outfitted her in her ski bib, hat & gloves, booted her up and headed into the back yard. She wasn't a fan of snow when we took the kids tubing a few months back, but when the snow is in her own yard, she was all about it.

Hayden had escaped to a friend's house with better sledding terrain, so Bayley & Grace had the yard to themselves. They decided to plant a tree branch to convince Daddy a tree grew in his beloved fire pit, broke the ice on the water table, and headed for the play structure.

It's fun how a place they can go everyday becomes magical with a simple dusting of snow.

After a while, Bayley was chilled to the bone, so he came inside and started the hot cocoa. Once it was ready, Grace decided cocoa was worth coming inside for.

For the 1st time, I didn't put hers in a sippy. She's fine with cups, she just tends to dump I'm watching her even as I type this!!

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Hyppster's Board said...

You gave her hot cocoa in a 'non' sippy...GLASS mug??!! I think the snow has gotten to ur head!