Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pike's Place Brewery

With all we were doing for the kids, Jeff wanted to try some breweries while we were in town to make our adventure a little more vacation like for him. Pike's Place Brewery came highly reccomended. Since it's right inside Pike's Place, it's very easy to find (and quite close to some delish dessert spots!)

Jeff really liked the beer - He wound up buying a bunch to take home. And Bayley? Had a HUGE pizza, so he was in heaven. Seriously...that's on the kids menu! It could have fed all of my kids if B wasn't such a pizza fiend!

I was a big fan of the beer names - Naughty Nellie, Old Bawdy, Monks Uncle, XXX Stout, Kilt Lifter!

NEXT TIME :: Order the salmon (again) and make sure Jeff gets some Naughty Nellie along with his Kilt Lifter!

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