Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Crab Pot

The thing with traveling with kids is...you have to feed them. Constantly. And all they want is chicken strips, french fries and pizza. Jeff & I kept trying to find opportunities for them to try things they never had at home...so we took them for a crab boil at The Crab Pot.

This was as traditional as we get on the west coast - they laid down butcher paper, gave us wooden planks and mallets to whack open the shellfish, and passed out bibs.

No one wore the bibs. And Bayley ordered a hamburger...which he sent back, and then didn't eat anything. Hayden tried a few things, and Grace was willing to eat the crab.

At least they can say they've done it.

Hayden's Review :: Hilarious! They dump your food on the table! You whack your food with a hammer!

Bayley's Review :: Really bad. The cheeseburger patty had hard chunks in it. The fries were disgusting and they served it with a pickle.

NEXT TIME :: Order for the table and forget the kids meals. They'll be more apt to try it without a more comfortable option.

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