Sunday, July 04, 2010

Hayden is 7!!

As I was holding my newborn neice, I thought about how it seemed only weeks ago I was cuddling a tiny Hayden who rushing into our lives a bit early so as not to miss the fireworks. He was such a good baby, even sleeping a bit that first night - a rare treat for me since Bayley was still up every few hours.

I am not sure where the time went, when my bundle of baby became a whirlwind of boy. It happened so fast, I missed it.
He had a great day - beginning with opening his presents, playing Wii and then heading to IHOP for breakfast. He got the red white and blue lemonade and an adult breakfast with cinni-minions (cinnamon donuts) because it was themed after the upcoming movie, Despicable Me.
The afternoon brought Avatar the Last Airbender with Dad & Bayley (which they loved), and then a trip to McDonalds so he could get a Happy Meal with an Avatar toy.
Is there a way to keep him this small?

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