Thursday, July 08, 2010

To The Beach!

It was supposed to hit 100, so we got the heck out of town and headed for the coast! We packed along the Hyppsters for extra fun.

The weather at Cannon Beach was lovely, a little overcast at first but still warm. Towards the afternoon the sun came out to play, and Grace and I are both sporting the kiss of summer. I sprayed us with sunscreen before we left, but it must have worn off!

The boys had a great time jumping in the waves and exploring. Hayden got quite good at catching sand crabs, and Steven was an expert jellyfish spotter. Grace loved all things sand...and water! She was hesitant about both at first, and once she decided it was fun she threw herself into it - literally. She kept sand diving, and then while we were exploring Haystack Rock she got brave and let go of my hand, tripped and fell, and as I was reaching for her a wave covered her like a blanket. Girl was NOT happy. I had to carry her all the way back up the beach! Even the temptation of splashing her feet in the waves couldn't budge her from my arms.

The one thing that was not great about the day were the bugs. Serious buggage. The picture is just a smidge of the insect carnage. Freckled lady bugs, green beetles, black beetles as big as your thumb, and these enormous ants with wings. The boys (and Ava the curious) thought they were neat, but the rest of us girls thought a line of washed up bugs was gross. Many were still alive - the winged gianted ants especially. They'd decided to start moving onshore. I have no clue what could make a plague like this. A half mile down the beach at Haystack Rock there weren't any, but at the Tolovana access it was littered with them.
I Googled, but I can't come up with any explanation. So I decided to make one up. Some entomologist was having his prized collection shipped and the crates were tossed overboard by an entomophobe, breaking open and the carnage washing up along the shore. Seriously, gross.

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