Friday, July 02, 2010

Bayley is 9!

Bayley began his 9th birthday with a request the night before -- cinnamon rolls! Good choice!
After a lazy morning, it was off to swimming lessons where he celebrated with two trips down the waterslide, and Hayden managed to leap off the diving board -- with the help of a life jacket.

Lunch was Wendy's (for the large Frosty, I suspect), but just through the drive-thru and home to eat it. He wanted to see Airbender, but Grammo & Pop Pop were later than expected, so he settled for watching the Percy Jackson movie on demand.

At this point, Hayden was beside himself, convinced his big brother was doing this birthday thing all wrong! He didn't want IHOP for breakfast? He didn't want to eat at a restaurant for lunch? He's rather watch a movie on demand than see Airbender tomorrow? And the final straw? Bayley opted to play his new Nintendo DS games rather than a trek to Cold Stone. I thought Hayden would have a herbistricle!

After soccer, it was off to dinner at Red Robin - where he'd been plotting to order the milkshake. But, just like the Frosty, it filled him up so much he couldn't finish his dinner! He did however make a valliant attempt at the hot fudge sundae :D

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Mama K said...

Who said he could be 9.. it makes me feel old.. I remember when he was little!